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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services for the active management and optimization of document output across modern networks.

What is it and do I need to do it?

You are already doing it! Everyone manages their print services… but the important question is are you managing it efficiently?

Controlling when and what you print within your company is very important. Swift can help you manage your print services in a way that increases productivity AND reduces costs.


Our business is all about improving yours

Swift can help your company achieve optimum print output for your specific needs. We do this by using our expertise in equipment, processes and new technology.

We call it our Print Management Solution – you can call it good business practice!


We offer

  • Benefits
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased accountability
  • Decreased supply inventory
  • SWIFT’S print environment “quick view”
  • SWIFT access current costs and contracts
  • SWIFT speak to the employees who handle your printing
  • SWIFT analyse our findings
  • SWIFT return for a second “quick view”
  • SWIFT present our recommendations


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