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Printing and respect for the environment

Printing and respect for the environment

Our fragile planet

It seems that every month brings fresh concerns about the environment. From freak weather conditions to devastating fires, our relationship with Mother Nature seems particularly fragile. Businesses have become increasingly aware that they need to do their bit to preserve our planet and so cutting down on wastage, recycling and increasing efficiency have become very hot topics.

Below you will find some hints and tips to help you become more "green aware"


Reducing wastage

1. Don't replace printer cartridges when they are "low". Wait until they are completely empty, the machine will stop working and say it’s out of toner and this is when the new toners need to be put in. (We see this quite alot).

2. Change the default on all printer settings from "single-sided" to "double-sided" in order to reduce paper waste.

3. Default to black and white printing, use colour only when necessary

4. Consider standardising on a "thinner" typeface and font. Arial consumes more ink than, say, Century Gothic. In 2014, a teenager named Suvir Mirchandani created headlines with his claim that the US Government could save $400m annually by simply changing the font used in official documents. As a result he won his school’s Science Fair award with his findings and appeared on CNN.

5. Only print when you have to. e.g. Issue office memos via email where possible.


Print efficiency

Unfortunately businesses throughout the UK are losing time and money by failing to maximise their print efficiency. It is perhaps something that business owners can overlook or fail to prioritise but a little bit of attention and a few tweaks here and there can go a long way.

Print efficiency has a number of benefits including reduction in costs, speeding up of printing and further reduction in waste.

1.Use Follow Me Printing. This gives users the ability to print from any machine within the organisation, avoiding queues, minimising abandoned print jobs and improving workflow.

2. Use Print Access Restrictions to place limits on the amount that an individual or group can print.

3. Use Pop-up Warnings to remind staff of your printing policies and encourage them to use options that will reduce wastage

4. Talk to us about setting up Managed Print Services for your business.

5. Turn printers off when not needed.


Recycling and care for the environment

1. Do ensure that you use a recycling scheme for printer empties.

2. Introduce centralised recycling bins

3. Do have a policy to re-use unwanted print-outs. e.g. use them for note taking

4. Ditch take-away coffee cups in your organisation

5. Is there a greener way to commute to work? e.g. car sharing, cycling, walking?

Over to you

Do you have any ideas of your own? We would love to hear about how you have been successful in making organisational changes to better help our planet!



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